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Francesco Rossella


tel. +39 050 509132

francesco.rossellasns .it

Research interests

Semiconductor nanowire-based systems and devices.
Hybrid gating of nanodevices combining soft and solid state matter.

Biographical sketch

Research Fellow at Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) since 2016.
Postdoc within 2012-2016 at SNS.
Postdoc, visiting scientist within 2007-2011 at: TU-München, University of Pavia, Universidad Autónoma & Complutense de Madrid, Universidad de Salamanca, High Magnetic Field Laboratory@Grenoble&Toulouse.
Physics graduated (cum laude, 2002) and PhD (2007) at the University of Pavia.

Selected publications

Lieb, J., Demontis, V., … and Rossella, F.
Advanced Functional Materials 1804378 (2018)
Ionic-Liquid Gating of InAs Nanowire-Based Field-Effect Transistors

Rocci, M., Demontis, V., … and Rossella, F.
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 27, 6299–6305 (2018)
Suspended InAs Nanowire-Based Devices for Thermal Conductivity Measurement Using the 3-omega Method

Floris, F., Fornasari, L., ... and F. Rossella
Nanomaterials 7, 400 (2017)
Self-assembled InAs nanowires as optical reflectors

Rossella, F., et al., Nano Letters 16, 5521-5527 (2016)
GHz Electroluminescence Modulation in Nanoscale Subwavelength Emitters

F. Rossella et al., Nature Nanotechnology 9, 997-1001 (2014)
Nanoscale spin rectifiers controlled by the Stark effect

F. Rossella et al., Advanced Materials 24, 2453-2458 (2012)
Metal-filled carbon nanotubes as a novel class of photothermal nanomaterials

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