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Research interests

Tuning metasurfaces through optomechanical effects. Linear optics of lossy and loss-gain structures.

Biographical sketch

2017-2018 Researcher, NANO-CNR and NEST, Pisa

Investigation of nanostructured devices where light interacts with mechanical motion, e.g., acoustic waves in patterned semiconductors thin films (work performed within the PHENOMEN FET-Open project, in collaboration with A. Pitanti and P. V. Santos - PDI Berlin). Exploration of the potentials of joint loss-gain cavities for full-optical switching (collaboration with prof. G. C. La Rocca). Study of the role of symmetries in resonantly enhanced Faraday rotation at terahertz wavelengths (collaboration with prof. A. Tredicucci).

2016 Researcher, INO-CNR and LENS, Firenze

Development of tunable photonic structures based on responsive polymers fabricted through 3d-printing at the nanoscale (with prof. D. S. Wiersma).

2014-2015 Post-doc, Politecnico di Milano and PoliFAB

Exploration of lithium-intercalated transition metal oxides as materials for reconfigurable metasurfaces. Quantification of fundamental limits for amplitude and phase optical switches. Study of the coherent perfect absorption as a full-optical modulation tool in silicon photonics (with prof. A. Melloni).

2010-2013 PhD, NEST and Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa

Intersubband polaritons in photonic crystal cavities: effect of quality factor and modal volumes on linear and nonlinear optical properties. Introduction of the concept of weak and strong critical coupling. Hybrid graphene-metal metasurfaces for handling terahertz radiation. Advisor: prof A. Tredicucci.

2004-2009 Laurea in Fisica, Università di Pavia

Thesis on the application of photonic structures on thin film silicon solar cell for enhanced light absorption (advisor prof. L. C. Andreani). Alumnus of Collegio Ghislieri .

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