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Guido Paolicelli

CNR Technologist

tel. +39 059 2058381

fax +39 059 2055651

guido.paolicellinano.cnr .it


• Publication from 2004


Via Campi 213/a
41125 Modena

Running projects

Cost Action MP1303

Understanding and Controlling Nano and Mesoscale Friction

Research interests

From 2006 my research activity is dedicated to the field of nano-mechanics and tribology properties of thin films and materials in the framework of SUP&RMAN laboratory (Superfici & Ricoprimenti per la Meccanica Avanzata e la Nanomeccanica). In the last few years the focus is on the mechanical properties of Graphene and other 2D materials.
I’m expert on scanning probe microscopy, in particular friction and adhesion measurements at the nanoscale by Atomic Force Microscope (AFM ), surface science analysis (Photoemission and Auger spectroscopy) and Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) techniques.

Previously, starting from 1997, I have been working in the field of scientific instrument development and technology transfer for materials analysis as a development scientist at the Research Unit Roma Tre, CNR-INFM, Roma. I have gained strong specific experience in designing electrostatic optics systems for charge particles and energy analysers for electron spectroscopy (XPS and Auger analysis). In 2002 I have been scientific coordinator of the CNR-INFM participation to the European project VOLPE (VOLume PhotoEmission from solids) founded under the contract n. HPRI-CT-2001-50032 (2002-2004). Aim of the project was the realization of a prototype electron energy analyser to perform high resolution high energy photoemission experiments (50-100 meV @ 6-10 keV) to extend the sensitivity of this technique to bulk electronic properties. The VOLPE experimental station at the ID 16 Beamline at ESRF (Grenoble), has been installed on February 2004 and has been in operation more than 2400 hours (about 300 allocated beamtime shifts) producing more than 25 contributions published on international peer-review journals.

Biographical sketch

From 2005 to date Technologits, CNR-Istituto Nanoscienze - ModenaS3, Via Campi 213 41100, Modena, Italy.
From 1997 to 2004 Technologits, INFM - Research Unit Roma Tre, Rome, Italy.
1995-1996 Post-Doc fellowship, INFM - Research Unit Roma Tre, Rome, Italy.
1994 (June-December) PhD student. ESRF, Grenoble, France.
1993 (June) - 1994 (May) CNR fellowship working at ESRF, Grenoble, France.
1993 INFM research grant at the Department of Physics, University of Modena e Reggio Emilia.

Selected publications

N. Manini, G. Mistura, G. PAOLICELLI, E. Tosatti, A. Vanossi ‘Current trends in the physics of nanoscale friction’ Advances in Physics: X 2, 3 (2017) 569-590

M. Tripathi, F. Awaja, G. PAOLICELLI, R.Bartali, E. Iacob, S. Valeri, S. Ryu, S. Signetti, G. Speranza and N.M. Pugno ‘Tribological characteristics of few-layer graphene over Ni grain and interface boundaries’ Nanoscale 8,12 (2016) 6646-58

M. Pierno, l. Bruschi, G. Mistura, G. PAOLICELLI, A. di Bona, S. Valeri, R. Guerra, A. Vanossi, and E. Tosatti, “Frictional transition from superlubric islands to pinned monolayers Nature Nanotechnol 10, 714-718 (2015)

G. PAOLICELLI, M. Tripathi, V. Corradini, A. Candini and S. Valeri Nanoscale frictional behavior of graphene on SiO2 and Ni(111) substrates” Nanotechnology 26 (2015) 055703.

G. PAOLICELLI, M. Rovatti, A. Vanossi and S. Valeri, "Controlling single cluster dynamics at the nanoscale" Appl. Phys. Lett. 95, 143121 (2009)

G. PAOLICELLI et al “Bulk Sensitive Photoemission: first results of VOLPE project at ESRF” Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 144 -147 (2005) 963

P. Torelli, G. PAOLICELLI, et al. “VOLPE: a new experimental setup for high energy photoemission using synchrotron radiation” Review Scientific Instruments 76 (2005) 023909

M. Sacchi, F. Offi, P. Torelli, A. Fondacaro, C. Spezzani, M. Cautero, G. Cautero, S. Huotari, M. Grioni, R.Delanuay, M. Fabrizioli, G. Vanko, G. Monaco, G. PAOLICELLI, G. Stefani and G. Panaccione “Quantifying the effective attenuation length in high-energy photoemission experiments” Physical Review B 71 (2005) 155117

G. Panaccione, G. Cautero, M.Cautero, A.Fondacaro, M.Grioni, P.Lacovig, G. Monaco, F. Offi, G. PAOLICELLI, M. Sacchi, N. Stojic, G.Stefani, P. Torelli “ High-energy photoemission in Silver. Resolving d and sp contribution in valence band spectra” Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 17 (2005) 2671-2679

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