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Elisa Molinari

Full Professor

tel. +39 059 2055205

fax +39 059 2055651

elisa.molinariunimore .it


CNR-Istituto Nanoscienze, Modena &
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
(Dept of Physics, Informatics and Mathematics)
Modena, Italy

Running projects

MaX: Materials Design at the eXascale - European Centre of Excellence (EU-H2020, www.max-centre.eu)

Research interests

Main research interests in the fundamental properties of low-dimensional materials and nano(bio)systems, and in the development of related computational methods.

Biographical sketch

2001-now: Professor of Cond Matter Physics, Uni Modena e Reggio Emilia
2015-now: Director, MaX European Centre of Excellence on 'Materials design at the exascale', www.max-centre.eu
2007-09: Director, Istituto Nazionale per la Fisica della Materia, INFM-CNR (comprising 21 leading Research Centers in Italy)
2001-18: Founding Director, S3 Centre of INFM in Modena (since 2007 part of INFM-CNR)
1992-01: Associate Professor, Uni Modena
1985-92: CNR research staff member, Istituto Corbino, Roma
1983-85: 'Post-doctoral scientist', Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart / Grenoble
1981-83: Fellow (supported by an industry), Uni Modena
1981: Laurea cum laude in Physics, Uni Modena

2014-now: Member of the Council of ESRF, Grenoble;
2016-now: Member, Scientific Council of the Fritz-Haber Institut of the Max-Planck Society, Berlin;
2017-now: Executive committee member, Forum for International Physics of the APS;
2017-now: Executive board member of the Associazione Donne e Scienza, Italy;
2010-2016: Member, Scientific Board of CINECA, the Italian HPC Center;
2011-2014: Chair, Steering Board of Emilia-Romagna Region High Technology Network;
2007-2014: Member, OECD Working Party on Nanotechnology;
2007-13: Member, EU FP7 Program Committee on “Nano-, Materials, Production Systems” (NMP);
2009-11: Member, ERC AdG Evaluation Panel;
2003-12: Member, Scientific Board of Science Festival, Genova;
2002-03: Associate Secretary General, International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP); member, IUPAP Working Group on Women in Physics;
1999-2002: Scientific Secretary, IUPAP Semiconductor Commission;
1990-2008: Member, Editorial Board of Solid State Communications.

Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS), elected in 1999. Member of Italian and European Physical Societies.
Author of over 250 papers in leading international journals. h-index: 47 (WoS)

Selected publications

J.O. Island et al, "Interaction-Driven Giant Orbital Magnetic Moments in Carbon Nanotubes", Phys. Rev. Letters 121, 127704 (2018);
D. Varsano et al., "Carbon nanotubes as excitonic insulators", Nature Comm. 8, 1461 (2017);
A. De Sio et al., "Tracking the coherent generation of polaron pairs in conjugated polymers", Nature Comm. 7, 13742 (2016);
L. Bursi et al. "Quantifying the Plasmonic Character of Optical Excitations in Nanostructures", ACS Photonics 3, 520 (2016);
G. Soavi, "Exciton-exciton annihilation and biexciton stimulated emission in graphene nanoribbons", Nature Comm.7, 11010 (2016);
S. Falke et al, "Coherent ultrafast charge transfer in an organic photovoltaic blend", Science 344, 1001 (2014);
R. Denk et al, "Exciton Dominated Optical Response of Ultra-Narrow Graphene Nanoribbons", Nature Commun 5, 4253 (2014);
C. A. Rozzi et al, "Quantum coherence controls the charge separation in a prototypical artificial light-harvesting system", Nature Commun 4, 1602 (2013);
P. Ruffieux et al, "Electronic Structure of Atomically Precise Graphene Nanoribbons", ACS Nano 6, 6930 (2012);
S. Kalliakos et al, "A molecular state of correlated electrons in a quantum dot", Nature Physics 4, 467 - 471 (2008);
D. Prezzi et al, "Optical properties of graphene nanoribbons: The role of many-body effects", Phys Rev B77, 041404 (2008);
A. Ferretti et al, "Mixing of electronic states in pentacene adsorption on copper", Phys Rev Lett 99, 046802 (2007);
J. Maultzsch et al, "Exciton binding energies in carbon nanotubes from two-photon photoluminescence", Phys Rev B 72, 241402 (2005);
A. Ferretti et al, "First-principles theory of correlated transport through nanojunctions", Phys Rev Lett 94, 116802 (2005).

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