Diradicals evaporation on the cover  

Modena - 26.03.2021 - Diradicals evaporation on the cover
Arrigo Calzolari's recent paper "Challenges in Controlled Thermal Deposition of Organic Diradicals" hits the cover of the last issue of Chemistry of materials journal (March 23, 2021, Volume 33, Issue 6)
Arrigo Calzolari from CnrNano and Maria Benedetta Casu from the University of Tubingen, in collaboration with colleagues from University of Nebraska, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz and Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, demonstrated that it is possible to evaporate diradicals in a controlled environment without degradation. The presence of two radical sites makes the molecules reactive, and difficult to deposit in thin films that are necessary for any realistic application. Researchers found that the higher the formation energies of the crystal, the more difficult the evaporation as well as that large delocalization of the unpaired electrons helps the diradical to stand evaporation.
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