European Researchers’ Night 2020 is coming soon  

Pisa Modena - 25.11.2020 - European Researchers’ Night 2020 is coming soon
A different date but the same message: trust and commitment to research. The European Researchers' Night this year is postponed to November 27 (and also Saturday 28th November in Modena) due to the health emergency and CnrNANO will participate joining the local events - BRIGHT for Pisa and UniMORE for Modena.
CnrNANO researchers celebrate this very special 'night' with a lot of digital activities that will lead the public to discover research, science and innovation.(Please note: all seminars are in Italian).

Nov. 20 11:00 am - Vaccines, epidemics, traps and lies, webinar by Gian Michele Ratto
Without prejudices or presumptions, we will ask ourselves why common opinions and the results of scientific research are increasingly placed on the same level

Nov. 27 3:00 pm - Animal experimentation: the reasons for a need, webinar by Gian Michele Ratto
Can we really give up on animal testing or can we perhaps balance this sacrifice with other acts of kindness towards the planet we inhabit?

Nov. 27 - The nanoworld inside us, lecture for primary school by Ilaria Tonazzini

Matteo Agostini's "Re-selfie" a video-selfie where our researcher introduces himself by telling us about his passions for science and research.

The Cnr-BRIGHT full program is available. Daily updates are available at the Radio Aula 40's Facebook page and Bright Night's Facebook page.

MODENA Nov. 27 and 28
Nov. 27 form 10:15 am - Facce da CnrNANO a 'collage' where the institute's young researchers tell the theme of their research and their passion for science in two minutes. Curated by Claudia Cardoso

Nov. 27 form 11:15 am - And physicists ... what do they do with supercomputers? Nicola Spallanzani, Simone Vacondio and Laura Zanetti Polzi tell how computing systems have evolved with the advent of supercomputers and what to expect from these super machines, but above all what the CnrNano researchers study high performance computing. Curated by Claudia Cardoso

Nov. 27 form 11:45 am - Let's free the Electrons!!! Vincenzo Grillo tells how electron microscopes work thanks to which it is now possible to see with our eyes the fundamental building block of everything that surrounds us, the atom.

Nov. 28 form 9:15 am - The mini-lesson What is a quantum computer? by Filippo Troiani is dedicated to accompany a special audience, 8-12 year old children, into the strange world of quantum laws.

Nov. 28 form 9:30 am - Genome editing - The 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry by Giorgia Brancolini, Rosa Di Felice, Maria Celeste Maschio, is a multi-voiced story that explains one of the most revolutionary tools in genetic technology, the CRISPR / Cas9 'genetic scissors', and DNA research ongoing in our institute.

Nov. 28 form 11:15 am - Q-SORT's Space Reel is a visual poem that explores the cosmic and psychedelic beauty of electron microscopy images. Edited by Vincenzo Grillo

The program of the UniMoRe Researchers' Night, an entirely online edition, is now available. Please note that in the program there are the dates and times of the online upload, but the videos will remain available on Unimore's YouTube and Facebook channels .


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