S3 SEMINAR Dr. Federico Fedele

Foto: Federico Fedele [courtesy of University of Copenhagen]


Modena - 10.10.2019 - S3 SEMINAR Dr. Federico Fedele
Date and Time: Thursday October 10, 2019 - 15.00
Venue: S3 Seminar Room, Third Floor, Physics Building, FIM Department

Speaker: Federico Fedele
Center for Quantum Devices, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

Title: Simultaneous operations of four singlet-triplet qubits in a GaAs multi-dot device

Abstract: Spins in gate defined quantum dots have always been a major platform of solid state qubit research. Recently, quantum simulation and electron shuttling experiments have been successfully demonstrated in 1-D linear quantum dot arrays. However, a realistic development of a spin based quantum processor is predicated on the ability to control two dimensional qubit circuits. I will present the coherent manipulation and readout of a small two-dimensional 2x2 array of Singlet-Triplet (ST) qubits using fast gate electrodes for manipulation via nanosecond-scale voltage pulses and radio-frequency charge-sensing for readout. These experiments are performed in a gate defined multi quantum dot device fabricated in GaAs heterostructure.
Host: Marco Affronte


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