CNR NANO Seminar Series: Helmuth Möhwald  

Pisa Lecce Modena - 28.11.2011 - CNR NANO Seminar Series: Helmuth Möhwald
The new Seminar organized by Nano Institute will be held by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Helmuth Möhwald, from Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam/Germany, who will talk about
"Remote and Controlled Release from Polymeric Microcapsules for Biological and Materials Applications".
Micro- and nanocapsules can be prepared by coating a sacrificial template by a polyelectrolyte multilayer of defined thicknesss and composition. These systems are extremely versatile and multifunctional because of their modular construction from organic, inorganic or biological material. Their release and mechanics can be controlled by external stimuli and several examples of applications will be given:
-Making use of release in response to a change in local pH or redox potential corrosive defects can be annealed thus preparing an anticorrosive coating
-Inserting metallic nanoparticles into the capsule wall one can locally heat the wall via IR light thus enabling release of signal peptides to study the triggered response of the immune system.
- Being able to control mechanical resistance via a heating protocol one can study intracellular release thus measuring the pressure inside a cell.
Hence these capsules promise many applications in different disciplines and interdisciplinary cooperations enable their further development.

The seminar will be transmitted by videoconference to all Nano Centers



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