Graphene based Terahertz Absorbers

Foto: Printable graphene inks enable ultrafast lasers in the terahertz range (


Pisa - 12.09.2017 - Graphene based Terahertz Absorbers
Graphene Flagship researches from CNR-Istituto Nanoscienze, and the University of Cambridge, UK, have shown that it is possible to create a terahertz saturable absorber using graphene produced by liquid phase exfoliation and deposited by transfer coating and ink jet printing. The paper, published in Nature Communications, reports a terahertz saturable absorber with an order of magnitude higher absorption modulation than other devices produced to date.
“We started working on saturable terahertz absorbers to solve the problem of producing a miniaturized mode-locked terahertz laser with thin and flexible integrated components that also had good modulation” said researcher Miriam Vitiello from CNR-Istituto Nanoscienze in Italy.

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