MaX prize for flagship codes application

Foto: Image courtesy of R. Gebauer and Quantum Espresso


Modena - 19.07.2017 - MaX prize for flagship codes application
MaX - Materials at the Exascale, European Centre of Excellence on materials research via HPC and HPTC towards the exascale coordinated by Cnr Nano Modena, will award the

MaX prize for frontier HPC applications in materials research - 2017

prize to recognize frontier research, performed anywhere in the world, that is enabled by enabled by Quantum ESPRESSO, SIESTA, Fleur, Yambo, Aiida, and/or contributes to their advancement.
The prize is open to researchers both from industry and academia worldwide. Participation of all scientists and students is welcome; special attention will be given to applications from participants who are not directly related to the MaX partner teams.

Applications and info:
Prize page on MaX website




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