Molecular spin transistor gets the PRL cover

Foto: Molecular spin transistor, formed by a TbPc2 molecule inserted between two gold electrodes.


Modena - 29.06.2017 - Molecular spin transistor gets the PRL cover
The cover of Physical Review Letters (Vol. 118, Issue 25) has been dedicated to a research team based in Modena. CNR Nano & Unimore researchers (F. Troiani and M. Affronte) and colleagues have recently investigated the effect of a continuous measurement on the dynamics of a molecular spin, inserted into a spin-transistor geometry and driven through an avoided level crossing.
The dependence of the current flowing through such molecule on its magnetic state has been recently exploited to electrically read-out a nuclear-spin state. On the other hand, such dependence implies a back-action on state of the electron spin.
In this work, we theoretically and experimentally investigated such measurement-induced decoherence. The observed behaviors present counter-intuitive features, being deviations from the coherent (Landau-Zener) dynamics more pronounced for fast, rather than slow, spin dynamics. The spin dynamics is simulated by an adiabatic master equation with time averaged dephasing operators. The time average is tentatively interpreted in terms of the finite time resolution of the continuous measurement.
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