Phosphorene and 2D Companions workshop 08/05/2017  

Pisa - 21.03.2017 - Phosphorene and 2D Companions workshop 08/05/2017
Two years after the ”Fosforene day” in Florence (17.07.2015) a new workshop about this amazing 2D material, “Phosphorene and 2D companions”, will take place in Rome, CNR headquarter - Piazza Aldo Moro on May 8, 2017.
Many things have been done on black phosphorus within last two years, both from chemistry, material science and physics point of views, and more has to come. In addition, the family of 2D materials is continuously extending with new members, which bring in novel functionalities and increase the possibility of 2D-based devices.
Scientists interested to contribute and attend are welcome. Possible topics for abstracts are: Synthesis of 2D materials; Advanced characterization techniques; Theory; Applications (electronics, optoelectronics, energy, …).
Download the workshop flyer here.




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