Electrospin 2016 conference in Otranto  

Lecce - 29.06.2016 - Electrospin 2016 conference in Otranto
The 4th International Conference on Electrospinning 2016 is taking place (June 28- July 1) in Otranto. Electrospin 2016 follows the previous conferences which took place in Melbourne (2010), Jeju (2012), and San Francisco (2014). This biennial event has become the premiere venue for the presentation and discussion of the most recent scientific and technological advances in the areas of electrospinning, polymer nanofibers, and related applications.
The conference is organized by Università del Salento and Istituto Nanoscienze-CNR, and is supported by The Italian Physical Society and by The Optical Society.

The conference provides a dedicated platform for students, researchers, and engineers from both academy and industry to exchange knowledge in this continuously growing and interdisciplinary field. Topics of interest include,among others, material development, polymer, ceramic, metal, and nanocomposite nanofibers, green materials and sustainability, theoretical and simulation methods for electrospinning and for predicting nanofiber properties, filtration and textiles, applications in tissue engineering and biomedicine, mechanical properties of nanofibers and nanowires, optical and electronic properties, smart wearables, new materials for energy harvesting, management and storage. Special sessions on "Photonic, Electronic, and Other Emerging Applications of Electrospun Nanofibers" at the Conference will be dedicated to the COST Action MP1206.



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