MoQuas Annual meeting



Modena - 14.10.2014 - MoQuas Annual meeting
On October 22 and 23 the first annual meeting of the FP7 project MoQuaS will take place in Modena. Seminars will be held on Wednesday and a review meeting is expected on Wednesday. Reserachers and students are invited to attend the Meeting in room L1.2 of the Physics building.
14.00 A. Narita (Max Plank Institute for Polymers, Mainz, D)
Synthesis and characterization of GNR
14.45 Yanhua Lan (Karlsruhe Institute for Nanotechnologies, D)
Binuclear Single Ion Magnets
15.30 Nils Richter (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz)
Electrodes for contacting graphene
16.15 Coffee Break
16.45 W. Wernsdorfer (Lab L. Nèel CNRS Grenoble F)
Spin read out and manipulation on single TbPc2 molecule
17.30 A. Candini (CNR, Modena): Graphene nanocontacts, nanoribbons and XMCD on TbPc2
V. Bellini (CNR, Modena): DFT calculations on TbPc2
F. Troiani (CNR, Modena): Modelling dephasing in Landau Zener tunneling experiments



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